Our brand new Mambo Max Jumping Fitness Trampoline is equipped with bungee cords and a handlebar. Bungee cords protect and support joints and ligaments by providing a deeper and gentler bounce. This allows the muscles to work more, and for a longer period of time, burning calories efficiently without placing unnecessary strain on the body.

Similar to our complete range of trampolines, the Mambo Max Jumping Trampoline helps to flush the lymphatic system, where most toxins are stored. Rebounding also provides an ideal balance of gravity and weightlessness to stimulate the organs and work major and minor muscles in the body. It also serves other core functions, from digestion to mental health.

Finally, bungee trampolines tend to be quieter, sturdier and more reliable than spring trampolines, making upkeep and maintenance a breeze.

Diameter: 42" (106cm)
Height mat: 12.6" (32cm)
Handrail height from mat: 29" - 43" (74 - 109 cm)
Max. user weight: 440lbs (200kg)


Mambo Max Jumping Fitness Trampoline





03-111102 Mambo Max Jumping Fitness Trampoline 1 pc
05-060101 Mambo Max Standard Trampoline | Simple 1 pc
05-060102 Mambo Max Standard Trampoline | Armed 1 pc
05-060110 Mambo Max Standard Trampoline | Handlebar 1 pc
03-110101 MSD Rehab Trampoline | Simple 1 pc
03-110102 MSD Rehab Trampoline | Armed 1 pc
03-110110 MSD Rehab Trampoline | Handlebar 1 pc